Shopify Multi Vendor

How much does it cost to build a multi vendor e-commerce solution?

In the contemporary landscape, aspiring entrepreneurs envision launching a Shopify MultiVendor Platform, driven by the undeniable influence of online marketing crucial for promoting their businesses in the digital realm.

When venturing into the realm of multi-vendor e-commerce platforms, a pivotal question emerges: the cost implications and budget considerations of initiating a multi-vendor marketplace.

Similar to any project, the core principle applies – the expense of initiating a Shopify multi-vendor marketplace hinges on the features and nature of development chosen.

Naturally, the budget distinction exists between startups and well-established corporations. For startups, focusing on essential online store features entails a minimal cost. In contrast, established enterprises weigh the features they require and the investment they are willing to make based on their e-commerce demands.

Admin Control Panel


The dashboard is exclusively for admin use to oversee products and users.

User Management:

Admin can add both sub-admins and users to the website.

Permission Assignment:

Admin can allocate specific permissions for managing products and other modules.

Sub-Admin Functionality:

Sub-admins perform tasks based on the permissions granted by the admin.

Super Admin Authority:

The Super Admin holds comprehensive control and the ability to perform all tasks.

Site Configuration:

Admin can configure site settings and preferences across the platform.

Product and Customer Management:

Admin holds authority over product and customer management.

Product Details:

Comprehensive information on uploaded products, encompassing price, images, color codes, quantities, and more.

Categorized Data:

The application organizes data and relevant details into distinct categories.

Product Notifications:

When selecting products, the application provides notifications from the chosen user option.

Transaction Management:
Ensuring customer security, transactions are conducted through a secure server.

Product Management:
Admin possesses the authority to add or remove products based on performance and quality considerations.

Rating and Reviews:
Admin can conveniently rate and review items based on experiences.

Promotional Codes:
Admin can authorize the use of promo codes for limited-time offers and free purchases.

Seller Portal
Seller Dashboard:

  • Seller Login/Registration
  • Profile Editing
  • Seller Profile Management
  • Display of Reviews and Ratings

Seller Profile:

  • Customizable Seller Profile
  • Product Management for Sellers
  • Feedback Management
  • Seller Configuration

Product Management:

  • Product Import
  • Product Types
  • Product Tags
  • Customized Product Features

Order Management:

  • Order Configuration
  • Invoice Management:
  • Invoice Configuration
  • Invoice Customization

User Panel User Registration:

Seamless Registration:

Users can effortlessly register via Google, Facebook, email, or phone number, verified by OTP.

Home Page:

Comprehensive Features Access: Users can access a range of features from the homepage, including menus, categories, coupons, cart, and recommendations.

Item Selection:

Upon selecting an item, users are presented with comprehensive details, making purchasing or wishlisting the item easy.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Integrated payment gateway ensures smooth refund and order cancellation processes for users.

Review and Rating:
Users can share their experience through reviews and ratings for items.

Sorting and Filtering:

Users can tailor filters like pricing, quality, brand, etc., to suit their preferences.

Purchase History:
Users can monitor their purchase history on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Users can curate a Wishlist for future product purchases.

Delivery Scheduling:
Notifications and SMS integrations provide users with real-time delivery updates.

Users receive periodic offers and discounts such as weekly, hot deals, midnight specials, daily promotions, and more.

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